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Have you ever flown with Porter Airlines?

If not - you should. It will completely change your opinion on air travel.

I have been flying with Porter on and off over the last 4 years. Clearly there are some places they just don’t fly to, but when I do get the opportunity, it’s Porter I turn to.

So why did I decide to dedicate this blog to an airline that uses a racoon as its mascot?


Every seat is first class.

How about that? An airline that gives you enough wiggle room to be comfortable on those short-ish distance flights. By using the Bombardier Q400 airplanes, Porter manages to make every seat feel like you paid more than you should have. None of this 3 to a row garbage, feeling like you’re in a sardine tin. If I’m going to fly for any distance (usually between Halifax and Toronto), I want to be comfortable and I don’t want to feel like I’m all up in my neighbours grill.

Free food and drink.

I haven’t been on a flight yet where I haven’t been served that little grey-boxed lunch that they’re famous for, and a Steamwhistle beer. Yes, that’s right, beer. For free. And what’s inside that box? Well, usually a chicken or turkey sandwich that I will tell you is quite tasty. They also usually include a small pasta salad and a desert involving some form of chocolate. Don’t care for beer? They have red and white wine too. And just about every non-alcoholic drink you’d expect an air carrier to have. How they make this all happen is beyond me, but I’m not about to sit here and complain about it.

Downtown Toronto.

Porter doesn’t mess around with busy highways. No, they cut right to the chase, avoiding the need for a taxi or expensive shuttle from Pearson. Instead, they land at Billy Bishop, in the heart of downtown Toronto. Cool, right? Better yet, they also offer a free bus that will take you to certain key points downtown, making it very easy to get to your hotel or meeting place. 

They’re affordable.

I feel like using the word ‘cheap’ to describe them wouldn’t do their service justice, because really, they’re anything but cheap. Affordable however, they certainly are. It’s rare to visit the Porter website and not see a seat sale ranging anywhere between 20% and 35% off the regular price. I’m actually not sure I’ve ever flown with them for regular price come to think of it. Who knows, maybe the sale prices are a cover up for their regular price, but whatever the case may be, they’re usually much more affordable than the two larger airlines in Canada. And if you’re looking to travel into the US, Porter is a great option if you’re landing or taking off from Boston, Chicago or New York, just to name a few.

The service is great.

I’ve never had a bad service experience on Porter. The staff are always friendly and courteous. It’s a very classy operation that Porter runs. With jazz music playing as you enter the plane, and awesome waiting areas for customers, Porter gives you a great experience long before you even step on the plane. Just look at what they offer at the Toronto Island Airport: free snacks, soft drinks, coffee and tea along with unconventional yet extremely comfortable seating that you wouldn’t expect to see at an airport. 

A real Canadian airline.

Porter was founded and continues to be run by a Canadian. It exclusively uses Bombardier planes which are also made in Canada. It has it’s roots here on Canadian soil, and has made it easier and less expensive for us Canadians to get from city to city. I really can’t wait until the day they fly coast to coast. As they continue to grow into the US and northern Ontario, I’m sure that the wait for this won’t be too much longer.

If you haven’t flown Porter, and you’re looking to book your next flight, give them a shot.

You won’t regret it.

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